Who we are...

We are thoughtful, intelligent young women with a hunger for truth and a determination to pursue it.  We explore social justice issues through the universal principles of human dignity, the Common Good, solidarity and subsidiarity. We have the confidence to ask questions, share opinions, and seek not only to solidify our convictions, but to truly understand them. Our goal is to cultivate a certainty in our faith and a voice in our society. God has asked us to challenge our minds, wills, desires, and dispositions in pursuit of this truth.

We are Fiat Girls, and this is our “Yes!”  

What we do...
Each year, a maximum of 24 Fiat Girls are selected from high schools and universities across the United States to attend the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York City. We learn about serious issues affecting women and girls across the world, and we discuss them in light of the goals of true and lasting social justice, the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, and our own personal thoughts and opinions. Prayer and reflection are an important part of our journey as we discover a love for humanity through the eyes of Christ, and regardless of our backgrounds or creeds, we emerge with a better understanding of what the Catholic Church truly stands for, a deeper personal conviction and love of Christ,
and a desire to speak, act and witness to the Truth...
at the Commission and beyond.

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